Disposable Diaper Program

A lack of diapers is a hidden consequence of poverty. Many Idaho babies are being left in wet diapers all day, which is not only uncomfortable for a baby, but a real health risk. By giving families a supplemental supply of disposable diapers, the Idaho Diaper Bank gives families a glimpse of hope and a chance to get back on track financially and, hopefully, reduce overall family stress.

Access to disposable diapers are essential to a child’s well-being and healthy development. Not having enough diapers can cause significant stress and mental health issues for the family.

In order to safely care for their child, or enroll a toddler or infant in a childcare program while they work, parents must have a reliable supply of disposable diapers. Without access to these diapers, many families cannot work or pursue job opportunities, and their children face skin rashes and illnesses that are easily preventable.