Idaho Mother and Philanthropist to Receive State and Nation Award

Shawna Walz, executive director of the Idaho Diaper Bank, recognized with Mother of Achievement

 BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Diaper Bank is honored to recognize its executive director, Shawna Walz, for being awarded the 2017 Mother of Achievement in Idaho and nationally by American Mothers, Inc.

Governor Otter will present Walz with the award on Thursday, March 9 at 10:30 a.m. in his office at the Idaho State Capitol. In April, Walz will travel to Washington D.C. where she is one of only four women who will be presented with the national award.

“It is an honor beyond belief to be awarded with these distinguished titles. My family is my everything, and I know what it is like to raise two wonderful boys. It isn’t always easy, and so I started the Idaho Diaper Bank to help families in communities all across this state. It is incredible to be recognized with such a great award, and it shows that the work we are doing is getting noticed and really helping families,” said Walz. “It is also an incredible honor to be given an award that on a national level was founded by great historical women including one of my personal heroes, Eleanor Roosevelt!”

The Idaho Association of American Mothers and the Association of Mothers, Inc. are champions for women in honoring education and serving mothers at home, work and around the world. Nationally the organization is committed to valuing mothers through service and education, an honor bestowed to women since 1935.

Walz is a fourth-generation Idahoan. She attended Boise State University and played on the first women’s golf team. She then earned her MBA from The George Washington University and went on to hold senior roles at Nike. Walz is proud of the accomplishments at Nike including making significant strides to launch a Global Women’s Leadership Council which impacted women around the world via mentoring, reverse mentoring, intergenerational dialogues, and opportunities to lead from the inside out.

Today, Walz focuses her efforts on Idaho babies living in poverty or low-income families to ensure they have access to reliable supplies of clean and dry diapers. She established Idaho’s first and only statewide diaper bank and works with her board of directors and community leaders, agencies and organizations to distribute diapers to babies in need. 

“When you think about what families need most, we often forget about diapers. They are the hidden consequences of poverty but are essential to a child’s wellbeing and healthy development,” said Walz.

 55 percent or roughly 35,000 Idaho children under the age of three live in poverty or come from low- income families. There is zero assistance for diapers, even from programs designed to help families like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly known as Food Stamps), or through the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program.

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