The Infant-Toddler Agenda and the Trump Administration

Like many fellow Americans, with the swearing in of President Trump as our 45th President, I find myself contemplating (and praying) about the state of our future. And that future begins with the 4 million babies (that's right FOUR MILLION babies!) who will be born during Trump's first year in office.  

To help spark the conversation, I encourage you to read the proposed Infant-Toddler agenda for the Congress and Administration proposed by our friends at ZERO TO THREE.  

As cited in their report: 

"The science is clear: Investments in the future must start with babies. To build the nation’s economy, create a skilled workforce, and establish safer, more caring communities, comprehensive and holistic policy solutions need to be in place, starting on day one. While no single policy can meet every child’s needs, investments that address the interrelated needs of young children will achieve the greatest return and impact. Four million future scientists, teachers, doctors, mechanics, and athletes are counting on it."

Together, Let's wipe Out #DiaperNeed and help strengthen Idaho families!!

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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