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Feb 02

Help Babies Get a Healthy Start To Life

There are some really great efforts happening around the United States to help ensure that babies get the healthiest start to life possible. Tune in or join some of these events this week!


A few happening this week—near and far:


  1. NEAR: In McCall, Idaho, the Idaho Diaper Bank is welcoming the community to learn more about how to help address #DiaperNeed in Valley County and around the state. Check out the event invitation here:


  1. ONLINE:  Check out the newly posted Public Service Announcement video that the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) launched today. It touches on why ALL babies deserve clean diapers. You can find it on their Facebook page and on our website



  1. NEW YORK CITY and VIRTUALLY: On, February 2, at 4:45 p.m. MT, the NDBN will be taking part in the Too Small to Fail Facebook Live feed, and you’re invited to watch and comment!  The event is part of a Day of Action hosted by Chelsea Clinton in New York City.  Volunteers with the Clinton Foundation will repackage diapers and books that will be donated to NDBN member The HopeLine in the Bronx.  NDBN CEO Joanne Goldblum will be talking #DiaperNeed and about NDBN’s work with Too Small to Fail and Penguin Kids.


  1. You can learn more about the Too Small To Fail initiative on Facebook at:  The Too Small to Fail initiative is a partnership between The Opportunity Institute and the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation that is committed to helping individuals, communities and businesses take action to improve the health and well-being of America's children ages zero to five.




Jan 21

The Infant-Toddler Agenda and the Trump Administration

Like many fellow Americans, with the swearing in of President Trump as our 45th President, I find myself contemplating (and praying) about the state of our future. And that future begins with the 4 million babies (that's right FOUR MILLION babies!) who will be born during Trump's first year in office.  

To help spark the conversation, I encourage you to read the proposed Infant-Toddler agenda for the Congress and Administration proposed by our friends at ZERO TO THREE.  

As cited in their report: 

"The science is clear: Investments in the future must start with babies. To build the nation’s economy, create a skilled workforce, and establish safer, more caring communities, comprehensive and holistic policy solutions need to be in place, starting on day one. While no single policy can meet every child’s needs, investments that address the interrelated needs of young children will achieve the greatest return and impact. Four million future scientists, teachers, doctors, mechanics, and athletes are counting on it."

Together, Let's wipe Out #DiaperNeed and help strengthen Idaho families!!

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Jan 18

Albertsons to Make a Large Donation to Support Efforts by the Idaho Diaper Bank

EAGLE, Idaho – The media is invited to join Albertsons representatives and the Idaho Diaper Bank at the Albertsons store on 4700 N. Eagle Road – between Eagle Road and McMillian Road at 2:30 p.m. today, Wednesday, January 18, for a $2,000 financial contribution and 34 cases of diapers.

“We are a relatively new non-profit, so donations from established organizations and businesses like Albertsons show that we are getting noticed and more Idaho families are getting help. We are grateful for this significant contribution. On average, babies need 10 diapers a day, and that can quickly add up to more than $100 a month, per child. This money will go a long way and help keep a lot of babies dry, and their parents will be able to spend their money on other things like food and clothes,” said Shawna Walz, executive director of the Idaho Diaper Bank. 

55 percent or roughly 35,000 Idaho children under the age of three live in poverty or come from low-income f

Nov 23

Story: Idaho woman created the Idaho Diaper Bank in response to an often-overlooked need

Diapers are expensive. When people can’t them, there’s a ripple effect. Families cannot leave their children in day care. Older adults who need them can become secluded.

Shawna Walz recognized this need and founded a nonprofit to meet it. The Idaho Diaper Bank provides diapers to any Idahoan of any age who needs them.

The bank is volunteer-run with a small budget, but it is having great impact because of its connections and expertise.

In 2015, the diaper bank received grants that helped it expand into rural Idaho, where low-income families lack access to Costco, Walmart or other large stores that sell diapers at discounts. The bank works with 40 partner agencies, including homeless shelters and food pantries, to distribute diapers. It has a warehouse in Meridian and has begun working with manufacturers to ship diapers directly to rural areas.

Walz, the executive director, answered questions. She worked for 12 years at Nike in senior positions before found

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